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dbForge Studio for MySQL

Von devart

dbForge Studio for MySQL is a universal IDE for MySQL and MariaDB database development, management, and administration. It is a full-fledged MySQL GUI that helps create and execute queries, develop and debug stored routines, automate database object management, compare and synchronize databases, analyze table data, and much more. Its rich functionality is delivered under an intuitive interface.

Database Development

Handling daily development tasks has never been easier. The tools of dbForge Studio help you build, edit, and run queries, as well as measure and optimize query performance.

  • MySQL code completion

  • SQL code formatting

  • Instant syntax check

  • MySQL Debugger

  • Query Profiler

  • MySQL Code Edito

Database Design

Database design tools that come with the Studio help you instantly create database diagrams, objects, projects, as well as efficiently compare and synchronize database schemas.

  • Visual query builder

  • Visual design and editing

  • Database project framework

  • Table designe

Database Management

dbForge Studio for MySQL has a set of database management tools that help DBAs protect data and resolve problems before they harm the database health.

  • Schema comparison and synchronization

  • Table data comparison and synchronization

  • Database duplication for migration to different servers

  • Generation of documentation in multiple formats

  • Test data generation

  • Export/import of table data

Database Administration

With the following features, you can manage accounts, set up permissions, monitor open sessions and their activity, as well as perform table maintenance. In addition, it is possible to back up and restore databases to/from backup files.

  • Backup and restore tools

  • Session Manager

  • Data export and import

  • MySQL user management (Security Manager)

  • Duplication of databases for migration to different servers

  • Table data analysis tools

Data Reporting and Analysis

dbForge Studio for MySQL makes analysis and reporting far less time-consuming with the following features:

  • Data Report Wizard

  • MySQL report designer

  • Pivot tables

  • Chart designer

  • Command-line support

Dieses Produkt ist Teil von dbForge Edge

Visual Query Builder • • •
Query Profiler • • •
Database designer • • •
DB backup & restore • • •
Data Export & Import • • •
Master-detail browser • • •
Schema Compare & Sync   • •
Data Compare & Sync   • •
Command-Line Interface   • •
Data reporting   • •
DB refactoring   • •
DB projects   • •
Copy databases     •
Data generator     •
DB documenter     •
Find invalid objects     •
Comparison of script folder objects and their static data     •