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dbForge Studio for SQL Server

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SQL developers and DBAs performing complex database tasks can use the GUI tool to speed up almost any database experience, such as designing databases, writing SQL code, comparing databases, synchronizing schemas and data, generating meaningful test data, and much more.

Database Development

dbForge Studio for MS SQL Server provides extensive functionality and a bunch of built-in tools that will automate routines and make developers truly agile in the database development process.


  • Edit and run queries in a new SQL document

  • Build queries in a visual designer

  • Run a large script without loading it into memory

  • Create unit tests using tSQLt framework

  • Debug stored procedures and functions

  • Source-control database changes

  • Create database objects in a visual editor

  • Generate database scripts

Database Management

As a robust Microsoft SQL manager, dbForge Studio for SQL Server has a set of database management tools that help DBAs protect data and resolve problems before they harm the database health.


  • Compare and synchronize database schemas

  • Compare and synchronize data of two databases

  • Copy databases

  • Generate docs in HTML, PDF, or Markdown formats

  • Create schema snapshots

  • Generate test data and instantly populate a database

  • Export/import table data to a file (CSV, Excel, XML, etc.)

Database Administration

Database administration is a complex and time-consuming work that requires high skills and experience. That's why Studio for SQL Server provides professional SQL Server administration tools for secure database management.


  • Set up user accounts and permissions

  • Copy, move or upgrade a SQL Server database

  • Back up and restore databases

  • Monitor SQL Server performance in online mode

  • Generate schema and database scripts

  • Diagnose server problems using traces

  • Find and fix database index fragmentation issues

Data Reports and Analysis

Creation of data reports and pivot tables, as well as data comparison, may take much time and effort. Our MS SQL database client provides the IDE that allows boosting productivity with the help of the following tools:

  • SQL Server Reporting

  • Pivot Tables

  • Data Compare

  • Master-Detail Browser

Dieses Produkt ist Teil von dbForge Edge

Basic Code Completion • • •
Visual Query Builder • • •
Query Profiler • • •
T-SQL Debugger • • •
Data Export & Import • • •
Advanced Code completion   • •
T-SQL Code Analyzer   • •
Data Compare & Sync   • •
Schema Compare & Sync   • •
Test Data Generation   • •
Command-Line Automation   • •
Source Control     •
T-SQL Unit Test     •
DB Documentation     •
Scripts Folder Diff     •
DevOps Automation     •