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RapidSpell Silverlight

Von Keyoti Inc.

Add a dialog spell checker to your Silverlight projects.
Spell checks plain text boxes, rich text boxes (SL v4+) and 3rd party controls. Designed to have a minimal foot-print, uncompressed, the DLL and English dictionary total only 570KB. Supports Silverlight v3, v4, v5 and Windows Phone 7.

Includes 2 spelling controls; RapidSpellDialog for dialog based spell checking and the RapidSpellChecker engine to spell check strings.

Dialog spell checking for Silverlight

The RapidSpellDialog control provides all the familiar features of a dialog spell checker such as Ignore, Change All etc. Users can add words to a personal dictionary, undo and change user options. Users can select specific text and check only that selection or check whole documents with wrap at end.

User Options

RapidSpell Silverlight allows users (when enabled) to change multiple elements of the spell checking behavior such as ignoring words with digits, ignoring incorrect case etc.

Managing dictionaries

RapidSpell Silverlight includes Dict Manager which allows complete management of the main dictionaries.

Behavior and style that suits your app

The API architecture enables Silverlight developers to have complete power over the design and behavior of the control. The dialog user interface can be redesigned by editing the UI XAML in the Visual Studio designer, source is included in the demo projects. The behavior of the spell checking GUI can be customized by modifying the XAML codebehind or the presenter class (through subclassing).

Spell check multiple Silverlight textboxes

Additional text boxes can be spell checked at once using the same RapidSpell Silverlight control.

Full Silverlight SDK support

RapidSpell Silverlight includes dedicated DLLs for Microsoft Silverlight SDK v3, 4 and WP7.