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XAP Optimizer

Von GrapeCity Inc.

Reduce the size of your Silverlight and Phone apps up to 70% in one click and secure your code with obfuscation. Add ComponentOne XapOptimizerÔäó to your dev cycle with build automation, backups, and limitless options.
*Available only in ComponentOne Studio and Ultimate


Customize the Optimization Output

See what's going to be removed from the assembly before it is actually removed. You can manually "Pin" some elements to keep them after the optimization process, or even pin entire assemblies, namespaces and resources.


Choose to enable or disable obfuscation and choose the specific elements to obfuscate. Obfuscation is the deliberate act of making your source code difficult for others to reverse engineer.

Sign Assemblies

You can specify strong-names for the assemblies in the application. You can choose whether to sign elements in the assembly and which specific elements to sign.

Save Projects and Create Backups

XapOptimizer allows you to save projects, allowing you to reopen the project at a later date or easily try different options. It also has the ability to automatically create a back up version of the file to be optimized.

Integrate with Your Build Process

Integrate XapOptimizer as part of the build process in Microsoft Visual Studio. This is easy to do using a post-build event to automatically optimize your app every time you perform a release build. Previously, you could use the /cmd command line argument to run XapOptimizer in command mode for batch runs. Now, you can use the separate XapOptimizerCmd.exe application included in the XapOptimizer installation.

Use with Any Third Party Controls

Use XapOptimizer with any Silverlight assembly, including third party controls; it is not restricted to ComponentOne controls.

Windows Phone and Silverlight 5 Support

XapOptimizer now includes enhancements to support Windows Phone 8 (Apollo) and Silverlight 5 applications as well as Silverlight 4 and Windows 7.1 (Mango).