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ComponentOne Studio for WPF

Von GrapeCity Inc.

ComponentOne Studio for WPF ist die n├Ąchste Generation von Entwicklungswerkzeugen f├╝r die Windows Oberfl├Ąche.

Deliver beautiful, flexible apps for Windows Presentation Foundation, fast

  • Includes 60+ of the industry's best .NET grids, charts, and reports

  • 80+ data visualization options

  • Extensive API and customization options

Industry's fastest .NET data grids

Industry-standard, lightning-fast FlexGrid and DataGrid components maximize customization in a .NET grid

50+ fast, extensible charts

FlexChart includes 40+ chart types and a universal, easy-to-use API

Modern Microsoft Office themes

15+ built-in themes include Office 2016

Flexible UI controls for complete WPF apps

Reduce developer overhead with extensive built-in feature sets, including flexible data binding

Touch support for WPF apps

Controls are touch-enabled and support in-app drag-and-drop

Full Visual Studio and Windows 10 Support

Seamless Visual Studio 2019 integration, and designed for the VS ecosystem. Also supports Windows 10


Lightning-fast WPF Data Grids

FlexGrid has been UI virtualized for optimal performance, and ClearStyle technology makes custom styles easy to create.

  • Flexible data binding

  • Sorting, grouping, and filtering

  • Cell selection and editing

80+ WPF Charts

With 80+ chart types and DirectX rendering, your WPF data visualizations will add life to your apps. Built-in features include:

  • Flexible data binding

  • Series selection and labels

  • Multiple axes and plot areas

  • Image export

FlexReport, a WPF Reporting Engine

FlexReport's lightning-fast .NET reporting engine completes every enterprise UI toolbox. Easy migration, beautiful data visualization, and the standalone FlexReport Designer allow even the most novice developers to generate top-notch reports.

FlexViewer, a WPF Document Viewer

Load PDFs, SSRS reports, and FlexReport reports. Easily export your reports/documents to HTML, PDF, RTF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, Open XML Excel, and Open XML Word file format.

WPF Themes

Theme your entire application, even the standard controls, with over 20 complete, professional themes inspired by popular interfaces such as Microsoft Office 2016, Expression Blend and Modern UI.

Was ist neu?

RichTextBox Simplified Ribbon

For their favorite RichTextBox control in WPF, they've improved the ribbon-style toolbar to support a simplified look-and-feel based off the latest Microsoft Office UI. The ribbon toolbar can be expanded and collapsed just like the ribbon in Microsoft Office.

FlexPie Multiple Pie Series

You can now use FlexPie to visualize more of your data in a single chart by creating multiple pie chart "series" using the same data source.

Icon Classes

The new C1Icon is a set of classes which generate monochromatic icons that can be tinted and resized easily, without all the pain points that bitmap-based icons have.