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ComponentOne Studio -UWP Edition

Von GrapeCity Inc.

40+ UI-Steuerelemente f├╝r die universelle Windows-Plattform. Holen Sie sich die umfassendste Sammlung von Windows 10-Steuerelementen.

The most complete, stable collection of 40+ UI Controls for Universal Windows Platform

  • Includes 40+ stable, time-tested Universal Windows Platform controls

  • Modern, touch-first grids, charts and reports

  • Extensive API and built-in customization options

Touch-first, flexible UWP data grid

FlexGrid is the fastest, most flexible data grid for Windows 10 apps - sort, filter, group, merge, freeze, and more

Superior UWP data visualization

Generate 50+ extensible, flexible charts with FlexChart, our easy-to-use, cross-platform chart control

View PDFs in a UWP app

View an exported PDF report, or any PDF document, in our FlexViewer control

Get started with Windows 10 apps immediately

Leverage your XAML and C#/VB knowledge and our flexible, universal API to build complete Windows 10 apps today

Fast, lightweight Windows 10 reporting tools

Build reports in the standalone FlexReport Designer and embed them in your UWP apps with FlexViewer

Full Visual Studio Support

Seamless Visual Studio 2019 integration, and designed for the VS ecosystem

UWP Data Grids

Bind FlexGrid to anything implementing an IEnumerable or directly to XAML object list.

  • Sorting, grouping, and filtering

  • Cell selection and editing

  • Incremental loading

  • Output directly to any printer

80+ UWP Charts

Wow your users with 50+ UWP chart types, dozens of built-in features like line markers, DirectX rendering, and full touch and zoom interactions.

  • Flexible data binding

  • Series selection and labels

  • Multiple axes and plot areas

FlexViewer, a UWP Document Viewer

Load PDFs, SSRS reports, and FlexReport reports. Easily export your reports/documents to PDF, RTF, PNG, Open XML Excel, Word, and more.

UWP RichTextBox

Display and edit formatted text as HTML and RTF documents with this UWP RichTextBox, which supports rich formatting, CSS, lists, hyperlinks, tables, images, and more. Use the control to display HTML itemDescription from the Web or use it as a rich text editor.