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dbForge SQL Tools

Von devart

SQL Tools is a development tool pack that provides many essential features for any Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL developer. It is designed not only to increase your productivity, but also to reduce expenses while performing routine tasks and automate database development and deployment with dbForge DevOps Automation.

Enhance SSMS with a bundle of essential SQL Server and Azure SQL development tools

  • Reinvent your familiar IDE with 15 versatile tools

  • Put accurate and concise scripts of database changes into version control

  • Get a full record of database changes and find out who committed them

  • Generate lifelike meaningful test data for load testing and integration

  • Run T-SQL unit tests as a part of continuous integration with DevOps

  • Cut the time spent on manual development and deployment tasks

  • Increase SQL coding productivity and efficiency up to two times

  • Speed up database development with continuous integration

dbForge SQL Tools comes in two editions:

Standard edition contains all essential tools for speeding up SQL coding, comparing and deploying data and schema changes, migrate data, design queries, and more.

Professional edition comes with a full package of advanced tools for data generation, version-controlling, documenting, and automating database development and delivery.

Tools includedStandardProfessional
SQL Complete • •
Schema Compare • •
Data Compare • •
Data Pump • •
Query Builder • •
All free tools • •
Source Control   •
Data Generator   •
Documenter   •
Unit Test   •
Index Manager   •
DevOps Automation   •