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Staff Scheduler Pro

Von DBI Technologies Inc.

Einfach einzurichten und schneller zu lernen. Innerhalb weniger Minuten wird Ihr erster Zeitplan eingerichtet und ausgef├╝hrt und an den Posteingang jedes Mitarbeiters gesendet.


Schedule Perfection

Scheduling starts out as an iterative, artful process - resolving quickly to scientific perfection with each schedule plan created.

With the right reporting and real-time scheduling tools at your finger tips - your schedule plans become accurate - time saving, staff appreciated and money saving resources.

On Time - On Budget

Real-time schedule cost analysis and labor burden reporting ensures your resource and schedule budget is always on target.

Schedules will always have the right people in the right place at the right time and on budget.

Staff Scheduler Pro is licensed per computer:

  • Schedule by location or for multiple locations

  • 10 Employees or 900 Employees, one low cost fee

  • Have as many logons per computer as you need

  • Built-in, three-level security

  • No transaction fees

  • No per employee fees

  • One time, low cost acquisition

Weitere Infos

Schedule for One or for Multiple Locations

Ideal for single location organizations or for businesses entities that manage more than one location. Keep information for employees and locations together - in a central location. 

Do you share resources and employees / managers across multiple locations?  Say good bye to having resources booked in two locations at the same time.

Every organization schedules resources their way...

Staff Scheduler Pro accommodates the scheduling requirements of any organization - including support for:

  • Scheduling by Task

  • Scheduling by Experience┬á(skill)

  • Scheduling by Resource Availability

  • Scheduling by Resource

Labor Burden Analysis in Real Time

Many organizations including those in the hospitality industry focus on labor cost in context of operating margins. Staff Scheduler Pro offers management real-time labor cost analysis during the scheduling process allowing for appropriate planning before cost over-runs occur.

Planning and Scheduling Accuracy

Create schedules based on historical and future budget values and previous schedule successes - Allows management to look at past and future budget values for effectively scheduling staff for peak seasons, special events, holiday periods... maximizing budget and scheduling plans.

Full Staff Information Management

One place for all contact information. Complete staff details, positions, wage per position, departments, availability calendar, Schedule exceptions (appointments, vacation...) Email Schedules, post to corporate intranets, print...  track attendance, late arrivals, no-shows, key performance indicators for promotion, and more.

Payroll Reporting

Payroll can be a time consuming process - unless you have accurate reporting. Preparing for payroll requires audit based actual hours including time clock integration (if used) and the right payroll export reporting.  Staff Scheduler Pro takes care of it all for you. Preparing payroll becomes a straight forward, streamlined process.

Every Report You need for Professional Scheduling

Staff Scheduler Pro includes 28 pre-defined reports in addition to custom views and multiple delivery options for making sure everyone knows what shift they're working.  From Daily sign-in sheets to staff schedule exceptions and cost analysis - Staff Scheduler Pro is ready to help you manage your business the way you need to.

Data and Point Of Sale Integration

Staff Scheduler Pro is ready to integrate with Squirrel, Micros and many other POS solutions. 

Existing data? No problem. Staff Scheduler Pro has data import and export facilities ready to accommodate.